Saturday, October 01, 2011

rise and shout

and that we did! ethan and i were able to go to the byu game last night with my brother, evan. we had a great time. we arrived early enough to do a little shopping before the game - ethan bought a cougars hat and foam claw to use during the game. then we grabbed some hot dogs and settled in to get ready for the game. 
it was utah state's game almost the entire time, which was discouraging, but byu held on to make a huge comeback and won the game in the last 11 seconds. so. much. fun! 
ethan now wants to be a football player...or a mascot. he cracks me up. 
before the game - watching some players practice

in our seats waiting for the game to start...and wearing his new hat...sorry for the bad shadow

players taking the field

my fellow football lovers...and maybe heavenly beings

don't you love that guy behind me on the right smiling? ha!
loved the game. loved the company.


Chalise said...

you're still the skinniest person I know. Looks like you had fun.

Marisa Jean said...

I actually did notice the guy in the background. Ha ha! Love it!

And if you were to choose a game to attend, that was the one! It was a gem and I'm ssssooo jealous you got to be there for it. Minus the traffic nightmare after. :)