Friday, September 02, 2011


while the kids started school this week, izzy started going to a new sitter. her name is kyrina and she is heaven sent. seriously. when the stress of finding someone to watch izzy started to cause me some serious anxiety, my friend lisa (aka my hair stylist extraordinaire) came to my rescue. she told me that her next door neighbor (how luck is that?) watched kids from her home and might be interested in taking izzy. i emailed kyrina, set up a time to meet her and the rest is history.
kyrina is wonderful, awesome and so great! i can't even express the peace of mind i've gained from knowing that izzy is being so well taken care of. i've had the great fortune of having family and close friends watch izzy in the past. and during the summer i had some amazing young women from church who watched the kids. but i knew this fall was going to be different. i was going to have to find someone to watch izzy outside of my normal group. 
stress and anxiety. just a little. okay, a whole heck of a lot!
but not anymore.
this situation with kyrina couldn't have worked out better. and izzy loves her. added bonus. i really think that izzy believes she's hit the jackpot. life is good for miss iz. and that makes it good for me.
and really, who wouldn't love spending their days like this - 
izzy's favorite food - hot dogs.

a little carousel fun
kyrina sends me pics throughout the day of izzy. yet another reason why she's so dang awesome.


Natalie said...

Thats SO cool! What a blessing Emily!

Lisa said...

I am so glad that everything is working out! Izzy is so cute too! She is getting so big!!

Marisa Jean said...

She rocks! I want her to watch my kids, too. What a blessing!