Thursday, August 04, 2011

missionary man

my youngest brother, joe, is going on a mission. crazy. he received his call about six weeks ago and leaves on august 31 for the mtc in provo. he's going to the charleston, west virginia mission. for those that don't know my family, we grew up in virginia. not west virginia. there's a difference, just so you're aware. i'm sure the people of west virginia aren't as redneck as i grew up believing they were. 
but they probably are.
i know, not very nice of me...i mean, my brother will make lasting bonds with these people. i'm sure they are great people. joe will have to be our eye witness.
anyway, his mission is only five hours from our former home. my grandparents still live in virginia and will be a short drive away should he need anything. he's really excited. he's going to be a great missionary. you know, like the kind that people will want to feed a few times a week cause he tells hilarious stories and little kids adore him. he's going to bless lives. i know it. 
last friday the entire mero gang went to the temple together for the first time. what an experience. my dad was crying the whole time and my mom was grinning ear to ear. it was pretty great. i think my siblings are some of the best people around and having the chance to go to the temple with all of them was truly a blessing.

smiling cause he peeked at the mission name before reading it out loud

enthusiastically reading the rest of the call
the six of us. man, my sister and i look so little compared to those tall boys

oh joe. isn't he cute? i think he's great. quick list of names, left to right: my brother evan and his wife, jessica. my dad. me. my mom. joe. my sister laura. my brother brigham standing behind her. my brother cameron and his wife, rachel, who is six months pregnant with their first. it's a girl.


The Chappells said...

So Chris and I just moved from SW VA and we were in that mission. VA Tech campus is in that mission. The stories we heard from the W VA zones were pretty ridiculous and hickish. They do eat oppossum and squirrel. Some elders caught squirrels to make a scripture case out of pelts. Ahahah but the Blacksburg Ward is full of really great humble people who live simply and he will have a lot of opportunities to change lives.

Mommason Hillary said...

First of all - I'm in love with your entire family. Next - I'm in love with this blog - thanks for sharing... I am at
come on over to it anytime. It's usually clean... (;
SO proud of Elder Joe!

Marisa Jean said...

I had a girlfriend who grew up in Utah her whole life. Her parents moved to Virginia right before she turned 21. When she turned in her papers, she was living in Virginia (ya know, a whole like 3 months) and she got called to Temple Square! And to this day she says it was the best mission ever. Weird how you never know where you're going to serve. At lest he'll know the ins and outs of the place, right? :)

He looks so excited. I love it! You have a very nice-looking family!