Monday, August 29, 2011

first ever first day of school

so my kids started school today. this is their first real first day of school. last year we started late. we had been homeschooling up until that point. so today is bittersweet. the kids were looking forward to going to school and i was dreading how emotional it was going to be for me. mark kept asking me all morning how i was doing - i'm sure he was prepared for the tears. luckily, i made it through both meetings with their teachers and driving home without tears. i'm not happy about it but no tears. i'm sure my homeschool mind will have to adjust every year that the kids start school. but i'm happy that the kids are happy. although, liv got a a little nervous right before i left and gave me a hug and she had a hard time letting go. thankfully her two best friends are in her class so that made it easier for her to walk into class. ethan doesn't have any of his friends from last year in his class this year but he seemed pretty comfortable the moment we walked in the school. i can't believe he's in 4th grade already!
ethan had this goofy grin all morning. i think he had a hard time sleeping last night because he was so excited/nervous.

he was happy about wearing his new superman shirt to school

however, i don't think anyone was as excited about their school clothes as liv was. the only reason she got out of bed this morning was to get dressed! she's such a girly girl. it's cute.
i will add that i'm grateful how well we've all adjusted to changes in our lives this last year. it wasn't easy to go from being a stay at home mom who homeschooled to being a working/schooling mom with kids in school and very limited time spent with my children. we've learned a lot about what we can handle and what's just too much. we've learned more about our roles in this family and what we need to do to succeed. we've learned to be happy and content with the moments that we do have together. we're still in the learning process but i'm so grateful for the steps we have made to becoming a better, happier family. who knows how long this phase will last - how long i'll work or if the kids will stay in traditional school - but for now we are doing what we're supposed to be doing. 
that bit of knowledge makes me happy.


Natalie said...

How fun Em! Your kids are just so darling, I can't believe how much Ethan looks like your brothers! You're all just so gorgeous! I've been stressing about traditional school with Enoch too, I don't know anything other than home school so its been hard to swallow and I think I'm also a little jealous. This is something I've never experienced and he's getting it from the beginning. He was so excited though that I couldn't help but be excited. Here's to you guys!!! Keep up the great work hun!

Amy said...

I love reading your blog! Your kids are completely beautiful and handsome...seriously! Ian said he had a blast with you guys and I wish I could have been there!

Marisa Jean said...

You have had a lot of change this past year, but you seem to be handling it just fine!

I love that Olivia didn't want to let go...awww...tender. Tear.