Monday, August 22, 2011

face painting

we went to the farmer's market on saturday. i love a good farmer's market. we bought some peaches and honey. who can pass up local, fresh honey? it's so great! olivia spotted the face painting table as soon as we got there. she's such a girly girl...pretty sure she pretends it's make up on her face instead of paint. this was izzy's first time and i didn't think she would actually let the lady touch her face but she marched right up to the table, said what she wanted (blue butterfly) and stood perfectly still the whole time. and my boy ethan chose wisely and got a blue and white Y painted on his cheek. yep, he's my little byu football fan. i couldn't be prouder.


hawaiian flower



Chalise said...

WOW 2 posts in a week???? I'm Loving it

Natalie said...

So cool! We have a farmer's market here every Tuesday and I just can't seem to get myself over there. I LOVE the face painting. My kids refuse to do it. Thanks for posting these CUTE pictures so I can live through you! :D

Marisa Jean said...

That butterfly is gorgeous!

Yay for having another BYU fan!!! I'm like border-line geeky when it comes to BYU football. We're so going to have a football-watching party. Go cougars!