Sunday, June 12, 2011

at the ballpark

we went to the salt lake bees game last night. so much fun! we got there a little late but made up for what we missed at the end of the game because the game went 12 innings. bees lost. they had fireworks after the game. i've never felt more american in my life - summertime, watching fireworks in a ballpark. so great. it was about 1130pm by the time we got home. yep, that's just how we roll. however, with the amount of cotton candy, twizzers and mike & mikes that were inhaled we weren't tired at all. it was a fun family date.
just getting settled in

ethan waved the bee down and brought him over to me so that i would take a picture.

kids are a bit dark. just in the photo, not in life.

izzy wanted to be in the pic and then flipped around.

pretty much my favorite picture of the evening. izzy hung out with mark most of the night.

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Marisa Jean said...

I don't think I've ever seen a picture cuter than the one of Izzy and Mark. Oh my word. Adorable!

I havne't been to the Bee's game since I was dating Jonathan, and I think they were called the Buzz back then, that's how many years it's been. Ha ha...long time.