Tuesday, April 19, 2011

two girls, a guy and a sunburn

last weekend we were able to get away for a much needed mini vacation. lisa and i had been planning on going for some time and, after working out arrangements for the kids to stay in cedar city with their grandparents, mark was able to make the trip as well. the poor guy was long overdue for a getaway. the plan: sit by the pool and eat as much yummy food as possible. i'm happy to report that we accomplished both of those tasks quite successfully. we stayed at the red rock resort. i stayed there last year with my family and had a blast so it seemed like an easy choice. also, it's about 15 min away from the strip so we were able to enjoy the awesome vegas weather while avoiding the crowds. 
those chairs were in a few inches of water so it was great to lay out and then stick your feet in to cool off
could i be any whiter or flat chested? answer: no. however, lisa pulled off the pool babe thing well.
view of the pool area from my room
so with all of the fun of laying out and reading magazine after magazine, comes the unfortunate sunburn. and not just any sunburn. my stomach hasn't seen the light of day in like...ever. seriously. even with quite a few sunscreen applications there wasn't anything i could do about it. it's been a miserable few days since we got home. my stomach is totally swollen - like i couldn't see my belly button for a while. ibuprofen and aloe have been wonderful friends. 
regardless, it was a great time!


Amy said...

OUCH on the sunburn!
Glad you got away and had a great time!

Natalie said...

Ok, Miss Em, a reality check for you - Um, you could take a break from the gym and be TOTALLY fine girl!! You LOOK AMAZING! I don't think I've seen my hipbones or my stomach look that flat since WAY before babies and you've had THREE of them. You look FANTASTIC.

LOVE the swim suit though, super cute! :D Looks like you guys had an awesome trip and I'm totally jealous. :D Yah for time off.

Marisa Jean said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. That does NOT look fun. :(

But on a better note, I love that resort. I'm going to have to remember that one for the next time Jonny and I head to Vegas.

Here's to hoping for a quick recovery--even though I already know it hasn't been quick.

The Brown Family said...

I'm going to second what Natalie said...I can only dream... haha! But I just thought it was funny how pink your scare turned too, haha!