Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a bit of vanity

so this post is going to come across as really vain. i'm not though. i promise. i worry about my appearance but i'm not vain. i haven't been working out lately. i'm either too busy or too tired and it's really become the last thing that i think about doing. but i'm determined to get back in the habit. i just feel better, have more energy and sleep better when i exercise. i'm also extra determined now because we are going to kauai in july (YAY!) and i plan on wearing a bathing suit pretty much the entire time. i also plan on having a relaxed, fun time with my husband and don't want to be worried about being in a bathing suit. mark likes me the way i am so i shouldn't beat myself up. with that said, i want to buy a few new suits to take with me. the one (yes, just one) i currently have is about four years old. not good. also, i want one of them to be a bikini. i've never worn one in my life! i wasn't allowed to when i was young and then i became too self conscience to wear them the older i got. i was thinking though that what better time to try one out than on my anniversary trip, right? yeah, the gym is going to become my best friend. here are a few that i really like. and thanks to carissa for helping me find some of these!
p.s. these girls can go jump off of a cliff.
these are all from victoria's secret

i tried to put some pics from J.Crew on here but it wouldn't work. just visit their website and check out the swimwear. so darling. i really love the blue two piece and the ruffle one piece. they are quite expensive but since we're just having fun here i thought i would pass along the info.
anyone have tips or suggestions?
keep in mind that i have almost NOTHING up top anymore due to the beautiful little children i birthed and nursed so that's why i'm leaning toward VS suits cause they have the fancy push up miracle working tops. but i might be beyond hope.
okay, i'm done being vain. 

side note - i have to say that i can't believe kauai has become a reality! we've talked about going forever but i didn't really think it was going to happen, especially when we've been buried under medicals bills and debt for a while now. no end was in sight. thankfully, we have been able to rally and pay off those stupid bills and some of our debt. and i have to thank mark for pushing the issue of an anniversary trip. between no honeymoon and a rough couple of years (no money, kids and moving way too much can do that to a relationship), we wanted some fun time that we could just spend together. just the two of us.


Natalie said...

Ok, my vote totally goes for the cute pink bikini and the teal suit. Love them. These are super cute! I hate swimsuit shopping though. I'm jealous you're going to HI! I've never been - one day!! Congrats on booking your trip though!

Marisa Jean said...

Jonathan and I went to Kauai a couple of years ago for our 1st anniversary and we L-O-V-E-D it! That will be a fantastic trip.

You are one of the thinnest people I know, those VS girls should be paying you for tips. Here's the deal, everyone in Hawaii wears a bikini--fat, skinny, white, hairy--they all have them on. It would only be you that would be worried about how you looked in it. And Mark would LOVE it, well, if he's anything like my husband anyway. I say get a bikini and then get that gorgeous pink suit on the bottom--on second thought, I'll buy the pink suit, you buy the other teal one. Ha ha. Just kidding. :)

Oh, and I'm so jealous! Tear. I wanna go on a trip!

alana said...

So my vote is the top one. LOVE it .. I also think you would look STUNNING in an all black bikini. You're so thin ... and with your dark hair - seriously HOT.

Have fun!!

Natalie said...

I agree with Marisa and Alana, you are AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS and SKINNY, so go for the bikini. :D And, just enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

emily said...

thanks for the suggestions/tips on the trip and the bathing suits! you guys are way too nice about my appearance...but hey, i appreciate it. :)alana, mark liked your black bikini suggestion. i'll let you know what i find.

Keli said...

I think they're all adorable. Have you looked at Modbe? They have lots of cute suits. I love Athleta, they have reversible ones, which is so awesome because, hey, one less thing to take up suitcase space for more shoes!