Friday, March 25, 2011

let me count the ways...

i was at barnes & noble the other day with some friends and spotted this little gem. 

and it has cool pages like this in it

a little cheesy? sure. but i love the idea that in 30 years i can look back on it and maybe remember things that i had forgotten. or that my kids can read it when they're older and know that their parents did love and admire each other. it's an easier version of keeping a journal. yes, i'm making mark fill it out too. he's thrilled. or at least that's what i'm telling myself. it's nice to dwell on the fun, cute things about being married. it keeps you focused on the good in the other person.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a bit of vanity

so this post is going to come across as really vain. i'm not though. i promise. i worry about my appearance but i'm not vain. i haven't been working out lately. i'm either too busy or too tired and it's really become the last thing that i think about doing. but i'm determined to get back in the habit. i just feel better, have more energy and sleep better when i exercise. i'm also extra determined now because we are going to kauai in july (YAY!) and i plan on wearing a bathing suit pretty much the entire time. i also plan on having a relaxed, fun time with my husband and don't want to be worried about being in a bathing suit. mark likes me the way i am so i shouldn't beat myself up. with that said, i want to buy a few new suits to take with me. the one (yes, just one) i currently have is about four years old. not good. also, i want one of them to be a bikini. i've never worn one in my life! i wasn't allowed to when i was young and then i became too self conscience to wear them the older i got. i was thinking though that what better time to try one out than on my anniversary trip, right? yeah, the gym is going to become my best friend. here are a few that i really like. and thanks to carissa for helping me find some of these!
p.s. these girls can go jump off of a cliff.
these are all from victoria's secret

i tried to put some pics from J.Crew on here but it wouldn't work. just visit their website and check out the swimwear. so darling. i really love the blue two piece and the ruffle one piece. they are quite expensive but since we're just having fun here i thought i would pass along the info.
anyone have tips or suggestions?
keep in mind that i have almost NOTHING up top anymore due to the beautiful little children i birthed and nursed so that's why i'm leaning toward VS suits cause they have the fancy push up miracle working tops. but i might be beyond hope.
okay, i'm done being vain. 

side note - i have to say that i can't believe kauai has become a reality! we've talked about going forever but i didn't really think it was going to happen, especially when we've been buried under medicals bills and debt for a while now. no end was in sight. thankfully, we have been able to rally and pay off those stupid bills and some of our debt. and i have to thank mark for pushing the issue of an anniversary trip. between no honeymoon and a rough couple of years (no money, kids and moving way too much can do that to a relationship), we wanted some fun time that we could just spend together. just the two of us.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 years ago

mark and i are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today. can it really be our 10th? holy cow. and how did we celebrate today? well, mark is still at work and i just got home from parent/teacher conference. yeah. i guess we have been married a long time. actually, we're going out tomorrow night. we will also be going on some kind of vacation together this summer to celebrate. i'm thinking hawaii sounds like a good 10 year reward. 
today i caught myself looking at the clock and thinking, "what were we doing 10 years ago at this time?" i think about each hour of labor on my kid's birthdays too. strange? i just like taking myself back to those life changing moments. 
bad scanning job

so here are a few highlights that i thought of today:
- i wasn't able to fall asleep the night before until about 2am. way too anxious about everything going well and everyone being where they needed to be the next day.
- however, my roommate had to physically pull me out of bed at 5am to get ready. exhausted to say the least. 
- went over to mark's after i did my hair and makeup so that we could drive to the temple together and do a session before being sealed.
- mark realized that he was missing some information on the sealing paper we needed to fill out and had to spend a big chunk of the morning tracking down a former bishop. i wasn't too happy. and we missed our session.
- it rained/snowed most of the day. i guess that's what you get for getting married in march. in utah. in manti, to be exact. 

i'm making the day sound real fun, right? most of the day was chaos. my stress the night before had been warranted.

- once at the temple, i had to run through the rain. and my hair fell apart. i went into the brides room and they pretty much held me hostage for well over an hour. seriously. those little old ladies mean business. i kept asking if i could go sit with mark in the celestial room til our sealing but they wanted me to stay with them. that's it. so there i sat. mark was wondering what in the heck was going on but couldn't seem to get any information about where i was. he thought "she probably came to her senses and took off." nope, just held hostage in the bride's room. 
- 1pm was our sealing time. walking into that sealing room with all of our family and friends there was amazing. that is something i will always remember.
- the sealer did a great job, or so i'm told. that i don't remember.
- the rain stopped long enough for mark's dad and uncle to take a few quick pictures outside. 
- our reception was at my parent's house and it was cramped.
- we didn't have a line (per mark's request) and i don't think that i actually stood next to him at all during the reception. i had to point across the room at him when trying to show people who i had just married. geez.
- reception is over. time to leave. oh wait, mark's best friend from out of town needs a ride back to where he's staying...and asks mark to drop him off...and mark says yes. what the heck?! are we seriously going to be driving off in our "just married" car with our friend sitting in the backseat? luckily another friend jumped in and saved the day by offering to drive him home. 
- and i won't say anything else about the rest of the night...cause ya know, that's private. wink, wink. 
see the watch? don't worry, had it on all day. totally forgot to take it off and put my necklace on.

what an adventure. however, i was in heaven the whole day. i was marrying the coolest person i knew. all of that other stuff just didn't seem to matter at the time. and, i have to say, that our life since then has been an adventure as well but i'm grateful that we've been able to make it though the craziness together. 
i am so grateful for mark. he makes me happy. he's still the coolest person i know.