Sunday, February 20, 2011

my valentine's present

mark has been growing out his beard and hair for most of the winter. he claims that it keeps him warm while he's working (he's outside a lot) and that it's just laziness on his part to not have the maintenance of shaving and whatnot. now, i actually really love his beard. the short version. the long one is a bit overwhelming sometimes. and, to be honest, he's been mistaken for a homeless person more than once yeah, the long beard/hair is a bit much. but i love that man of mine so whatever. in the last few weeks i've mentioned that it might be nice of him to think about trimming his beard and hair for valentine's day or our anniversary that's coming up in march. he would just nod to show that he had heard me and that was that.
well, valentine's weekend rolls around. he calls to let me know that he's headed home from work but he has a few errands to run. okay, no problem. about an hour later a stranger walked into my house. mark had shaved his beard and gotten his hair cut! it took me a few seconds to even register who he was. mark without a beard. i had forgotten what he looked like. he said that he wished he had recorded my reaction. i just kept laughing and saying "wow" apparently.

so here's a little before and after just for the fun of it

before (slightly blurry due to child photographer)

i love being able to see his face again. he's a good husband for listening to my valentine wish.


Keli said...

I don't know, I kind of like the before. He looks like a mountain man. ;)

Chalise said...

so much better...but that's just my opinion :-)

Chris and Tara Stanley said...

I like when Chris keeps a short beard, but he usually only keeps it a short time before shaving. Mark did a good job! Husbands can be so great sometimes.

Marisa Jean said...

Honestly, had you not said this was the same person, I wouldn't have even known. Wow. Big change.

I'm a sucker for facial hair, but when it's not trimmed, I prefer the clean-look. Either way, that was a very thoughtful gift.