Saturday, October 02, 2010


i'm a bit late in posting these pictures from my very first 5K but here they are anyhow. they are pics from after the race cause mark's camera didn't work when i was actually running. oh well. laura and i ran it last saturday together. laura is a great little runner...she's done other 5K's, 10K's and half marathons. i just started running not too long ago and wanted to see if i could keep up with her. i didn't. but that's okay. i had fun anyway. my time was 27 min and 37 seconds. i came in 7th in my age group. not too shabby. and i kind of want to do it again.

at the finish line getting my timer taken off my ankle. i'm beat.

after the race. yes, my ipod is in my bra cause i forgot my armband. rookie mistake.


The Brown Family said...

You should totally do another race. In fact there's another 5k this month....a halloween one is the same place. Let me know if you want to do it cause I'd do it too.
And, that picture after is not so good for the face, haha! Didn't realize how red I got, haha!

alana said...

good job! that's a great time .. and it's so addicting cause you want to keep breaking your own record.
you're so stinkin' cute ...

thedoodlegirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is SO awesome!