Monday, September 27, 2010

a new chapter

walking home with their friend viola
it's true. my kids attended public school for the first time today. they enjoyed it. i had a hard time with it. but sometimes change is necessary. our family has a few distractions going on now that hasn't allowed me to put the time into homeschool that i would like so we decided that it was for the best that the kids attend school for a bit while we work on the distracting issues. no, our issues aren't anything for others to be concerned with at the moment. we will deal with them and life will go on. and it will be a good life.


Joe said...

We did the same thing with Ethan and Meg when the twins showed up. It was just too much to manage. Hopefully we can get back to it soon.

alana said...

WELCOME to public school. It can be good ... mostly good for your sanity. I homeschooled Hayley for a year and a half and then put her in. Felt like a freaking failure .. but it ended up to be the best thing for us both.
Good luck with ... life.
Chin up - carry on!