Wednesday, September 01, 2010

an attempt at healthy living

Since turning 30 I've noticed a change in the way my body handles food. I don't digest things the same way so my portions have had to become smaller. It's sad. I love food. Love it. A lot. It's my "thing." Some people smoke, I eat. And what I eat has had to change. Cut down on the sugar (I am a baker people...this has been difficult!) and add more fruits and veggies. Growing up we always had veggies with dinner and I actually eat almost any vegetable put in front of me but then I married a man who refuses to eat almost any vegetable and I've slowly stopped trying to force Mark and the kids to eat them. However, I've found a solution. My mother-in-law actually told me about the spinach smoothies a month or so ago. They are so good! You mix fresh spinach, a banana and whatever other fruit you like in a blender and drink a healthy smoothie. It's awesome. And the kids love it. And Mark drinks it. It's become what I have for lunch (mostly because sandwiches make me bloated so this is a great solution). My favorite is (in the order it goes in) spinach, banana (never forget the banana cause it adds natural sugar and makes it a smooth consistency), fresh pineapple, frozen strawberries and frozen mixed berries, like blackberries and raspberries. Oh, you also want to put some water, 8-12 oz, in the bottom of the blender before you load everything in. Trust me, it's great. The more you drink them, the more you're going to want to cut back on the fruit and add more greens. But for now this works great for us. And I feel much better having one (or two) of these a day than meals that make me feel bloated.  
before (this one also had frozen cantaloupe (not a fan) and frozen grapes (really good)
Just a side note on the sugar - I've eaten a treat, like peach cobbler or carrot cake, almost every night too. So I'm still working on that part. Probably won't ever give it's just too yummy! But the portions can just be smaller. 

Also, I made quiche a few weeks ago and have become addicted to it! I have spinach coming out of ears lately. But when it's yummy then why not. The recipe I used is located here. I added more bacon and some onion to give it little more Mark's request. My kids aren't fans of it (mostly Ethan) but they are slowly getting used to it. Or at least I thought so. Ethan and Liv were playing a game where they were imagining gross things to eat and Ethan said, " My meal has barf, dead birds, ants and Mom's quiche in it." So maybe he'll never become fan after all. But I think it's pretty dang good!

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alana said...

ALL over this .. thanks for this post. I'm having one tomorrow and adding some protein powder to it ... SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS .. bonus - I just bought a new blender!