Friday, August 13, 2010

the birthday girl

Little Izzy turned 2 years old yesterday. Crazy. She is forever my baby. In fact, I still call her baby all the time. I should probably stop doing that.

I captured a few of her birthday moments. She demanded (I would say requested but it was more of a demand) to have suckers, balloons and see her cousin Beckham on her birthday. Done. I wish all birthdays for my kids were that easy!

just waking up - morning bottle
eating pizza (her favorite) at her sibling's school party
so excited for her balloons...
and thrilled about her suckers
swimming with her cousins. or rather, they swam and she laid out - she got in for a few min
enjoying her present from her cousins
my favorite - she did not like the happy birthday song

Man, I love that kid!


Lisa said...

She is so adorable!! What a fun birthday!

The Brown Family said...

Love that last picture with the cupcake! haha! What a funny girl!