Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the birthday boy

Ethan turned 8 on the 14th. Yes, he and Izzy have birthdays two days (and 6 years) apart. It wasn't planned that way, trust me.
Anywho, we celebrated Ethan's birthday over a series of days. Saturday, just our family, took him out to dinner, gave him his presents and got shaved ice for dessert. He was pretty happy. On Sunday all of my family came over for dessert. Always a good time. And yesterday he had a bunch of friends over for a little party. They had a water balloon fight, played on our homemade (and slightly ghetto) slip n slide, jumped on the trampoline and ate a bunch of chocolate cake. And everyone seemed to have a blast! Thank goodness. Kids are happy, I'm happy.
there were boys there too - the girls just tend to stick close to him - he'll appreciate that in a few more years

with his cousins - Tessa and Beckham - they gave him the same bow that he always plays with at their house. he loves it.

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