Thursday, July 29, 2010


Before I begin I just have to say that I failed miserably when it came to taking pictures of my trip. Most of the pictures I took were of food. Tells you where my brain was all weekend. Despite the lack of pictures, I had THE best time! I was able to relax, have fun, be silly, go shopping, explore Vegas and consume massive amounts of awesome food. Mark did a great job at home with the kids, especially when Izzy became really sick and needed to be taken to the insta-care. Turns out she had a swollen gland in her neck that was causing her all sorts of pain. But Mark handled the whole thing wonderfully which allowed me to be able to relax being that far from home. So onto the few pictures...

My room that I shared with my Grandma.

The view of the pool from my room - it's almost the very same picture as the picture below that is on the hotel's website. Loved that pool!

My youngest brother, Joe, eating a huge sandwich. Watching him eat was fascinating to me.

We went bowling a few times and one of the times I ended up with a turkey - three strikes in a row - my first time ever doing that! And it says Jizzy at the top because that's a silly name my brother, Evan, came up with for Joe. My mom isn't a fan to say the least.

Again, Joe's food. We went to a place called The Hash House and I guess they are known for large portions of food. We didn't know that. So he ordered the pancake dinner and that's what he got. It was huge! He gave it a good effort.

My salmon from The Hash House. So good!

My mom and grandma to the right. The last time my grandma was in Vegas was to see Sinatra sing back in the 50's. So we took her on a tour. And when we got to the Bellagio Hotel to watch the fountains the song that came on was a Sinatra song. Grandma was just beside herself with happiness.

The last day we were there my folks rented a cabana at the pool. It was just about the best thing ever! We had our own cabana girl who brought us food and drinks. It also had a tv, couches to lay on and our own pool chairs and table. Heavenly.

Pretty much sums up how I spent most of the vacation!

A few more things to mention:
- Mom and I went to a cupcake shop called Mad Hatter. It was delicious! They put whatever filling and frosting you want on the cupcake while you watch. 
- Joe played some great basketball (that's the real reason for the trip).
- We went to the Nike store and I got some really cool purple mesh workout shoes.
- We had lunch at Margaritaville on the strip. Fish tacos were so yummy.
- We lost my Grandma a few times down in the hotel's casino. She couldn't get enough of that place. And we always managed to find her one way or another.

I am having vacation withdrawals but it was so fun while it lasted. Hopefully we can all do it again sometime soon! And maybe next time I'll take Mark. We'll see...


thedoodlegirl said...

That sounds so fabulous!! I'm so glad you got to go! :)

Jeni said...

How are y'all doing? Such a fun n relaxing vaca! What hotel is that? Hope you're having a great summer!