Friday, July 09, 2010

still here with random thoughts

I haven't felt like blogging lately. Can ya tell? I've really been going through a lazy spell lately. I blame Summer. The pool is too enticing. It cools us off, gets the kids out of the house (and makes them exhausted!) and it's a great excuse to not have to do anything at home. 

I've also been sick. It's been making the rounds in our house. Summer sickness is lame. Seriously. At least in the winter when we're snowed in and sick it doesn't really put a damper on things. Also, this week the kids, Ethan and Liv, are back at their grandma's house. And considering the fact that I've been dealing with the craziest sore throat ever and out of control headaches, it's been kind of nice to only have to worry about one little kiddo. I'm sure they are having much more fun down there as well. Every phone call I get from them is full of details about what movie they went to see, what toy grandma bought them at the store and what adventure they were going on with their aunt and uncle. Good for them. However, when they return it'll take me about a week to get them back into proper shape. Does that happen with your kids? It's funny how quickly they get used to being spoiled. Although, I do enjoy it myself, being spoiled that is, so I guess I kind of understand. But the mean parent that I am can't have spoiled children. Nope, not gonna happen. So it should be fun getting them "back to normal."

Other quick thoughts/happenings:
  • at the last min i was able to go see eclipse on opening night at 1210am. i've never been to one of the twilight movies on opening night. it was crazy and so much fun! that entire theater was packed! and, yes, i loved the movie. what can i say? we were in cedar city over the holiday weekend and went to see it again with a friend and my sister in law. still good the second time.

  • with the 4th being on sunday we celebrated with fireworks on saturday. you really don't get a choice in utah. mark and i took izzy with us up to meet some friends at sugarhouse park. my brother, evan, took the older kids to his in-laws house because there were going to be kids there their age to play with. there was a sea of people at sugarhouse but they put on a good show and we had fun.
  • we went to a concert last night at pioneer park but didn't actually ever see the band...well i didn't. mark saw them for a few min. the place was so crowded! i think over 40,000 people showed up to this free concert and the park was full to capacity. they were turning people away. crazy. i like to think that i'm cut out for craziness like that but i'm not. i'm more of a pj wearing, stay at home and watch tv kind of gal. occasionally i can handle it and have a good time. i think. 
  • we have to speak in church on sunday and i've yet to prepare my talk. usually i'm on top of it. this time i'm finding any excuse i can to not prepare blogging. oh well. i'll do it tomorrow. 
  • i've been listening to the eclipse soundtrack and the new album by the black keys called brothers pretty much all day, every day. give them a listen if you haven't already. so worth the time!
I think that about does it. Now I'm off to clean everything that Izzy destroyed while I was typing.


Amy said...

I am embracing my inner lazy and it's biting me in the but. Why can't good things come from being lazy. Glad you liked the movie! I haven't even heard the soundtrack so you made me want to listen!

Ammon and Chalise said...

So I've been thinking about you lately...particularly your hair and how I wish my hair looked like your hair. So what is your you put it in rollers or what. PLEASE EMILY...I'm BEGGING you for help.
I was also thinking of you when i saw how crowded that concert was on the news and wondering if you guys were able to get it.
Also I was just thinking of you because I think your great and I wished we lived closer so I would be able to hang out with you. Have a great night
I'm off to eat some brownies