Monday, May 24, 2010

all about the wedding

all of my siblings. they are the best!

brothers and dad

my brothers with mark lurking in the back. he thinks he's quite amusing.


ev and jess coming out of the temple

aren't they adorable?!

my little family with cousin tessa

ev, jess, parents and grandparents

my grandpa, liv, tess and my dad

everyone waiting to take more pictures

the three cute girls. izzy is doing her "say cheese" face.

my kiddos at the reception

My little brother, Evan, was married on Friday. He and his new wife, Jessica, have been dating for a few years now and decided to make it official. Jess has always felt like apart of our family so it's nice to say she finally is. They are so absolutely perfect for each other. And I couldn't be a prouder older sister. They are living only a mile down the road from us and I'm thrilled to have them so close.

About the pictures...a few on the top are from the family wedding dinner we had Thursday night, the night before the wedding. We all had a blast hanging out together. My siblings truly are so much fun. In fact, after the dinner was over, all of them (minus my sister) came over to our house and played games til about midnight. Such a great time!
The bottom half of the pictures are at the Salt Lake Temple. The clouds and rain disappeared just long enough to get some good pictures in. These are just a few I remembered to snap.

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Lisa said...

How fun! You have a great family! You look gorgeous in these pics, by the way. It's been too long since I have seen ya! Hope you are doing well!