Saturday, April 24, 2010

olivia's party

izzy's new "smiling" face when i tell her to smile for a picture

our smallest birthday guest

cousin beckham. or a jack-in-the-box look alike. love him!

Olivia's 6th birthday was yesterday and we celebrated with a party at good ol' Chuck E Cheese (not my choice but hey...). She and her friends had a blast! I'm grateful that she has some pretty great little friends and cousins to play with and grow up around. And, for the first time, Mark was able to join us for her birthday party. He's usually working so it was nice to have him there. Later in the evening, our family celebrated by doing whatever she wanted to do. So we bought her a fishing pole cause she hates being left out when Ethan and Mark go fishing and then we went to McDonalds for dinner, naturally.
Happy 6th Birthday!


Amy said...

I love her adorable top!

Sarah said...

My kids had a blast. Thanks for inviting them!