Monday, April 19, 2010

early presents

(cell phone pictures)

We had a family birthday party for Liv yesterday at my parent's house. The weather was beautiful so we had our first BBQ of the year. Grilling and a fresh fruit must be Spring! Grandpa (my dad) offered Liv a small job when we arrived. He said it was something special for her birthday. He told her that she could pick all of the dandelions in his backyard. Gee, great birthday present Dad. But then he reassured us that he wasn't that mean and the work had a sweet reward. For every dandelion she picked, he would give her 10 cents. Liv went right to work. She thought it was awesome. Well 120 dandelions later Liv had $12. I think she and my dad were a little shocked. Liv was quite pleased with herself and now Dad has a dandelion free yard. Everybody wins.
Also during the evening we decorated sugar cookies and ate strawberry shortcake. And my sister gave Liv a present to open early (we are having a big birthday party on Friday where she will have the rest of the presents.)
I think she was one happy girl by the time the evening was over.


thedoodlegirl said...

Love it! So funny about the dandelions! How's your new place in Riverton?

thedoodlegirl said...

P.S. Love your new header!