Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crazy iz

Izzy is into everything these days. All the time. She isn't bad or a trouble maker, just constantly on the move. I think she is the most active little toddler I've had out of the three of them. And I adore her but sometimes she's just plain crazy. Or maybe that's what she's making me - crazy. Right now she's sitting in the middle of the room pulling out all of the diaper wipes. She likes to clean things off with them and I guess she's planning on doing a bunch of cleaning from the looks of it. Anyway...
A few days ago we were cleaning the house. Everyone had a little job and we were all busy with our task. Then I get yelled at to come quick. Great. I walk into the bathroom and Iz has my big tub of lotion in her lap and pretty much all the lotion on her head, hands, pants...everywhere. Now while that stuff isn't cheap and I should have gotten really mad, I laughed. It was pretty dang funny. And I remembered to take pictures to document it.

Also, today she was having a tough day. Everything was making her cry and she was following me around whining. Not the best of days. However, I was sitting at the computer trying to help Ethan with some school work and she was rolling all over the floor whining. Then suddenly she stopped. When I looked down I saw my tired baby passed out on the floor. Thank goodness for spontaneous naps!

yes, she's still in her pjs. it really was one of those days.

Oh Izzy. How I love thee.

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Natalie said...

Oh that is just too cute. I love the lotion and the insta-nap. What a fun girl!!! We all have those pj days, trust me. :D