Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We started St. Patrick's Day off with pretty much our only tradition for this day - green pancakes. My mom made them every year when we were growing up. Always. And it was something that I always looked forward to enjoying.
As I made these this morning it made me think that we haven't started too many traditions with our own little family. That's kind of sad. I loved having traditions as a child. Having something to celebrate is always fun. Since my parents are converts to the church, every Aug. 5 we would celebrate (and still try to) our family anniversary - the day my parents were sealed and we became an eternal family. We would have a fun activity and go out to dinner. Loved it! I think I'm going to put some real effort into starting our own traditions.
The memories of them are definitely worth something the older we get.

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thedoodlegirl said...

We had green pancakes, too!! How funny!