Wednesday, March 10, 2010

our 9th year

(picture didn't scan very well)

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Wow. We are almost to double digits. It doesn't feel like nine years (10 since we started dating) at all. I have to start out by saying that this last year has been one of the toughest. Who said the first year was hard? It was bliss for us. I think as you go on and add kids, bills, all gets so much harder.
However, we've always been able to work through the toughest situations. Always together. When one of us changes, as people do throughout life, we work to change together. We are best friends and cheerleaders for each other. We have fun. We laugh. Nobody can make me laugh like Mark. Nobody. He lets me be me. That is my favorite. I love Mark more than ever before. Truly. We've had a few moments over the past few days that have helped us focus on us again. And I'm sure grateful for that!

Happy 9th Anniversary to us!

This one goes out to Mark. It's our song.


Aubs said...

Happy 9th Anniversary to you! I hope you guys find some time to get away just the two of you for a nice relaxing date.
Cam & I have our 9th anniversary in Aug. It is crazy how time flies.

Natalie said...

Happy 9th! What a BEAUTIFUL picture of you guys!!! I love it. :D