Friday, March 05, 2010


one of Ethan's accomplishments - learning how to play soccer

A few days ago I was on one of my favorite blogs and they were having a giveaway for a cool little necklace that Nie Nie wears. I'm a fan of this particular style of jewelry so I thought I would enter the giveaway. Normally you just make a comment and leave your email. This time they asked that you share something that you accomplished last year that you're proud of. I had to think. And think. And think. What did I accomplish last year? I thought for a second that having Izzy by c-section and moving two weeks later was a good one but then I remembered that she was born in 2008, not 2009.
Dang. So I didn't enter the giveaway.
Later that day I asked Mark what he thought my accomplishment from last year was. He didn't have an answer. However, he said something that I liked. He made the point that a lot of things I do on a daily basis can qualify as accomplishments. I think that maybe I feel that at the end of the day and I'm satisfied with what I was able to do but I don't actually think too much about it. I homeschool. Accomplishment. We try not to eat cold cereal to save money so I have to come up with a breakfast every morning. Accomplishment. And, by the way, I am not a morning person and get really bugged by this task. Let's be honest, waking up at a decent time is an accomplishment for me. And getting to the end of a day and still smiling. Accomplishment. I think women tend to be their worst enemy and let the guilt and those overwhelmed feelings pile up when we think we aren't doing enough, we haven't accomplished enough. Sure I can always do better. That's the point of life. But I just want to make sure that I recognize the small daily changes as well as the big noticed accomplishments. Life is just better that way.

P.S. I ended up thinking of something I accomplished that I could post on the giveaway. I started a book club.


Natalie said...

What an awesome post. And how comforting is it to know that your hubby notices the 'little" accomplishments you make everyday. That's awesome. ; )

Ammon and Chalise said...

There is a food blog that every time I read, I think of you. You have to check it out. I know you love to bake. The website is
I've tried the hot fudge pudding cake and am thinking of cooking my way through this whole blog. Anyway check out the desserts. Hope you enjoy and I loved your post.