Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I feel like I need to post something new on here but I don't have much to say. Not much new to report. However, except for a rough weekend, I've been feeling incredibly happy lately. Not much is bothering me and therefore I'm good. Weird, huh? What's been contributing to my good mood? Let's see...

* having some silly fun with my little family. We went roller skating this week. My kids were in awe. Mark and I had a grand time. We both decided that it had been about 15 to 20 years since the last time we skated.
* the Olympics. Love it. Especially speed skating. Apollo Ohno. Enough said.
* cooking/baking. I made my first ever homemade pizza the other day. Totally surprised it turned out. Next on the menu - cinnamon rolls.
* the sun. Except for today it's been really sunny lately. Pure sunshine goes a long way to improve my mood. Can't wait for warmer temperatures.
* sleep. For a few weeks now I haven't been sleeping well at all. I just lay awake thinking...thinking...thinking - until a few nights ago. I think I finally worked through all that stuff that was keeping me awake and now I can sleep. Ah, what a difference sleep makes.

I think that maybe I am starting to relax a bit more in life. I've always been the one to be in control, poised. And while I'm certainly grateful I have that attribute, it's a bit difficult to maintain in my life these days. I'm not going to get into it much more than to say that my life isn't exactly how I thought it would be at this point. And I'm learning that it's okay. I will keep making choices that I feel are correct for me and my family and that's all I can do. Everything will be okay in the end.

This is an inspiring thought to me.


Allison said...


I think you are beautiful and awesome! Thanks for sharing the message... something I needed to hear, too!

Natalie said...

Love it. What a sweet post. Way to be happy and content. :D I got a smile from this so thank you.

Amy said...

Whenever we drive by the roller rink next to our house I think of how fun it would be to skate...then I remember that I am horrible at it and how much it hurts when you (I) fall on your butt and I keep driving! So glad you liked the pizza!