Monday, February 15, 2010

blog obsession

I have become slightly obsessed with reading blogs lately. The kind of blogs that cover home decor, crafts, baking, sewing, get the idea. It started a little while ago when I thought we were going to buy a house that we were planning on renovating. I was really excited about the thought of picking every little detail out for the house - cabinets, counters, paint colors, floors, etc. Everything in the house would be us. So I started doing some detective work online to find exactly what I wanted. And so the blog hopping and obsession began. While we aren't getting that house anymore, I still check all of my favorite blogs daily. I love that they are updated daily! Because I'm a sweet person (go ahead and roll your eyes) I wanted to share these blogs so that you can share my obsession. Some of you may have already heard of them but nonetheless...

Click on the names to go to the blog.

#1 favorite - My Favorite Things - love everything about it.

Tangled & True - similar to My Favorite Things.

little. lovely - everything you would ever want to know about decorating for kids.

Also - Or so she says, stephmodo, the pleated poppy, design sponge and little green notebook.

For future reference, I have all of these listed on the side of my blog under A Few Favorites.

Happy blog hopping!

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