Sunday, January 24, 2010

my random day

I was stuck in the house for most of last week due to Mark recovering from his tonsil surgery - which he's had complications with but is doing much better now - and due to Izzy being very sick. So by Saturday I "had the cabin fever" (quick which movie?) and had to get out of the house. Izzy was feeling better so I took her with me. I remembered to take a few pictures along the way.

First stop - library. Picked up season 5 of Grey's Anatomy. Love that show! (yes, I look tired because I am)
Then I made my way here...

because I had to have these. Cute little cupcakes make me happy. Four red velvet, two coconut, cinnamon sugar and carrot.

Then I thought I would share some of those cupcakes with my folks so I headed to their house right as they were cleaning out their storage room. I stole a few of the items they were going to give to DI.

And then we all went out to dinner but I forgot to take a picture. After dinner, Iz and I made our way to Target. She picked out an adorable little dress for when the weather starts to warm up. She has great taste, don't you think?

Last but not least - we dropped a cupcake off with my sister but it was 1030pm and I didn't feel like taking a picture. However, her response to being given a cupcake was the best. "For me? This is so fun!"

Might not seem like much but this was about the nicest, most relaxing day I've had in a long time.


alana said...

you are just so stinkin' cute .. adorable really.

Natalie said...

What an awesome day!! It really is the little things in life that make us smile. I love the picture of Izzy and her dress,so cute. And those cupcakes looki DE-LISH!

Glad you got a random "you". I think they're much more enjoyable when they are not planned.

Ammon and Chalise said...

what a fun day. First of all, of course the movie is Muppets Treasure Island, 2nd of all, after you posted about those cupcakes last week, I dreamt of them all night. And to answer your comment on my facebook, I was in South Jorday husbandless and kidless becuase Ammon was interviewing at the pharmacy school and my mother in law had the kids. I think the chances could be good that we get in (I hope) so we might be moving up to your nexk of the woods. You will have to introduce me to the wonderful cupcakes