Thursday, December 17, 2009

just a phase, right?

I think I'm going through a 'can't ever get to the gym' phase. And I'm really frustrated by it. I used to go to the gym every day, no matter what. Always. Now it's maybe a few times a month. I used to work at a gym for heavens sake! Maybe having my third baby is the reason. Maybe being busier than ever before is the reason. Something has to be done though. I'm not even thinking about my weight so much, although it's starting to come back now that I'm not nursing. I need to feel like I'm doing something for myself. To better myself. To strengthen myself. Mark made the comment to me that I'm just happier when I'm working out regularly.

So true!

Maybe I should take a class. Which class? Yoga? Spinning? Zumba intimidates the heck out of me. But maybe I should try it. I would love to start running again. I was doing really well a while back. Maybe I should pick a 5K and just do it. But then there's the choice between doing this super early in the morning or late in the evening. Who wants to exercise at either of those times? I can do it though. I need to do it. So I will.


alana said...

do spinning!!! ... and sign up early so it's like you HAVE to be there because you already committed! That's what I do.. I would do early morning - it just sets your day up for success. Not that you should listen to me or that I'm an expert .. just experience. Good luck!!

The Brown Family said...

I would do early too. And if I could afford a gym pass after this baby I'd totally do spinning with you...LOVE IT! But, I am planning to do a 5k in April and then work my way up to running the half marathon in Aug up in Park City. So, if you want someone to run with I'm up for it come March