Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas highlights

We had a great Christmas this year. We were able to visit with both of our families and have time at our own house. It was perfect. Here are a few highlights:

* Christmas Eve at the Meros - awesome dinner, letting all the grandkids rip into their presents pretty much at the same time, Mom's face when she opened the present I made her, a very loud game of apples to apples and relaxed fun all the way around.

* Christmas morning at our own house for the first time. Yummy breakfast that I whipped up on my new griddle. Kid's faces when going through their stockings. Mark getting The Hangover from me because it's the funniest dang movie ever and we needed to have it in our house.

(gotta love x-mas morning just woke up pictures)

* Singing along to my new Glee soundtracks on the way to Cedar. Mark even joined in on a few of them. Who can pass up singing to Sweet Caroline? Seriously.

* Kids excitement once they realized they both got scooters from Gma Janie. They are in love with them.

And I just need to throw my birthday highlights in here's the day after Christmas and the days just seem to blend together.

* Getting a much needed manicure by myself. Ah, peace and quiet.
* Clothes shopping - a treat from my mother-in-law.
* Dinner date with Mark to my favorite little mexican restaurant. Yummy! I ate so much I thought I was going to be sick.
* Hanging out with some of our treasured friends. Brownies, games, laughing, laughing & and more laughing. Loved it!
* And, I'm going to add last Monday into my birthday highlights. Our friends in Salt Lake took me to sushi and a movie, Up in the Air. Perfect.

Turning 30 wasn't so bad after all.


Amy said...

I am glad that you had a fabulous birthday and Christmas! Your mom's gift is gorgeous!

alana said...

Happy 30th Emily! btw .. hangover has to be my ALL TIME favorite movie - good choice!!

thedoodlegirl said...

I love these pictures! Looks like you had a great Christmas!!