Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Big Cottonwood Canyon

Summer is coming to an end and I was just thinking this morning that I'm a little sad about that. This summer has been wonderful! I'm not a lover of the heat, by any means, but I do love all of the fun we've been able to enjoy. Last summer was the pits - hectic job for Mark, super uncomfortable pregnancy (remember the hives?) and the never ending moving.
Although, I do have to say that sitting by the pool with friends almost everyday was a lifesaver! Not much else that a swollen lady covered in hives really cares to be doing! ha!
This year we've been able to enjoy hikes, concerts, BBQs, farmer's markets, family, renewed old friendships, camping, lots of time with Mark, soccer, baseball games, book clubs, proper birthday parties...and on and on. I've loved all of it.

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nalder said...

I still don't know how you survived last summer with two kids, AND had a baby out there. You are seriously amazing. Glad you guys have enjoyed the summer! Last night was the first time I woke up freezing and had to close the windows.. I love fall!