Friday, July 17, 2009


We hiked up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Desolation Lake on Sunday with some friends. It was a lot of fun! And so beautiful! I was one sore lady by the time we were done though.

Our little gang - Me & Izzy, Mark, Lisa, Nate, Dianna, Crystal & John

Once we made it to the lake, it started raining so we hid out under some trees till it passed. I guess Mark didn't want his picture taken! It was freezing too so a few of the prepared people whipped out their emergency blankets.

Mark got a water purifier for his birthday and wanted to give it a try.

Little Izzy was a trooper the whole hike. We stopped and took a small break in a meadow and snapped a quick family picture.

Rainbow after it had rained. So beautiful!

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ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

I notice you're the only one packing a whole extra BABY! No wonder you stay so skinny!