Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grandma's House

Pic of kids at Zion National Park the last time they visited Grandma Janie

Ethan and Liv are at Grandma's house for the week. They were so excited to go! And, I must admit, a break for a few days sounded very appealing to me too. However, Izzy is totally bored without them here so I don't know how much of a break it's actually going to be. The kids will have a blast though and that's what this is about anyhow.

Fun things they will be doing include:
1. Going to Zion again
2. Going swimming with their Aunt and Uncle
3. Going fishing
4. Sleepover with their Aunt and Uncle
5. Read endless amounts of books that Grandma always has on hand
6. Shopping (Liv's favorite)
7. Building a tire swing with Grandpa Brent
And those are only a few of the things I actually know about. They love it down there!

Fun things I will be doing include:
1. Hiking with friends
2. Reading two books that I've been dying to have time to read
3. Lunch with friends
4. Dinner with friends
5. Going to a concert with Mark
6. Finishing up craft projects
7. Organizing Liv's room (it's too hard to do when she's around)

Then on Friday we will all be meeting up for a Williams Family camping trip. I'm looking forward to it!

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Amy said...

How fun for the kids! What books are you going to read? Have a blast!