Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pretty Tutu

My talented sister, Laura, made these tutus for the girls. They love them! Izzy still can't decide if she likes to touch it but she gets excited when I put it on her. Liv, of course, thinks it's the coolest thing she's ever seen. She usually dresses it up with her princess cape and necklace. I mean, wouldn't you? The pictures are a little dark on my computer so I apologize if you're having the same problem. We live in a dark hole and someone, not naming names, forgot to turn on the flash. Okay, it was me. Sorry.

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Stephen said...

CUTE PICTURES!!! I'm so glad the girls like them. I can't believe how big Iz'z is!! I feel like I've missed her whole life...oh wait...I have, haha. But they are dang cute girlies!

(on steve's computer)