Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Me Time

Here are a few ways I enjoy spending my "Me Time."

We don't go to movies very often but I love watching a late night movie at home. I usually watch one as I'm getting the baby to fall asleep but sometimes I am just in the mood to stay up extra late and watch a good show. Our library actually has a great selection of movies...can't beat free movies!

I love baking! Always have. Cooking is a whole different thing that I don't love so much but I love baking goodies. It's completely calming to me.

Exercise is something that I love but have the hardest time doing. I do Pilates everyday at home but getting to the gym is another story. However, once I am there I find it hard to leave, especially since my gym has a cardio cinema and I get sucked into whatever movie happens to be on.

Blessed sleep. I have always loved sleeping. For a while though it's been a certain time of sleep that I love so much. In the mornings I get up with Mark and make him lunch to take to work. After he leaves I get back in bed and enjoy another quiet hour before the baby wakes up. I don't always do that if I have a busy day but I seriously look forward to that one hour each morning. There's just something nice about going back to bed.

And, last but not least

Reading. Before I had kids I used to read all the time. I loved it. I still love it but don't seem to have as much time to do it. When the baby was still quite small I would stay up at night and read while she tried to go to sleep. These days I just have to sneak it in where I can. I just started Pillars of the Earth. So far so good.

What are your favorite "me time" things?


Aubs said...

wow it isn't very often I take me time lately but I like to sleep, blog, take pictures, play volleyball, watch a good chick flick, go on long walks (too bad Cam doesn't share this passion)& sleep some more. Love all the pictures you found. Very cool.

Jeni said...

Yahoo that you found me! Definitely keep in touch! It's good to hear from you and hope that you and your fam are doing well! :-) You have a darling page and such cute pics on it...yes you and them have got to meet lil Jett soon!