Sunday, May 03, 2009

Just Curious

I'm just curious as to why women seem to be in constant competition with each other? This might seem like a juvenile question but it's a juvenile problem that seems to follow a lot of girls into adulthood. We compare homes, children, husbands, jobs, clothes, hair, how much we can accomplish in a day, talents...the list goes on and on, especially when it comes to looks. We put ourselves down for not being like other women. We build ourselves up for doing/being better than someone else. I guess men do this too but certainly not in the same way women do. I would like everyone's input. What's your opinion? Why do we do this to ourselves and others? And, just to clarify, I haven't had something happen to me to make me write this. I'm just curious. I think I might throw strange questions out here every now and then and see what you all think.

"We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are."
— Marjorie Pay Hinckley


alana said...

I think we need to 'compare' to have a good idea of where we are in the big picture. Are we normal .. are we okay? I think as women we need constant reassurance. I shouldn't use the word "we" as I am really speaking just for myself.
Women as a whole are really harsh on ourselves.
Sheesh .. yeah, why is that??

The Brown Family said...

Are you sure you're not saying this because you're the skinny mini in the fam now?? And you want to know why I hate that so much?? hahaha!
It's actually been my goal this year to be happy with myself (appearence). And to not always try or want to be something else. I've found that it helps to have a goal to lean on...something that no one else can help you reach. I also think that as women get older and have families they tend to loose who they are and because of that we tend to compare ourselves instead of really trying to figure out who we are.

Liz said...

So, I've thought about your question off and on all day and I haven't come up with much. It really doesn't make sense. There are way too many women in the world for us to believe we are in competition with all of them. Why do we feel anything but shared joy and happiness for another's success? It doesn't make any sense that another person's beauty, talent, or success should in any way diminish our own perceived self worth. I guess I really don't understand women, or myself, so why do I expect my husband to?

Williams Family said...

Thank you for your opinions! I wish more people would give theirs. I'm going to develop a complex about people not leaving comments on my blog! ha ha! It was just something I was thinking about. It's strange how we feel intimidated by someone's personal "success." Someone who is wealth or thin or talented...we are all something and we should be grateful that each one of us can be or do something different from the other. To be totally honest for a minute, the number one thing I'm told whenever women find out that I homeschool is, "You must be a better person than me." What? Why is that? I might homeschool but I don't run marathons, I'm not super crafty, I'm not super organized...there are just things that we all do differently. So what. It's funny because on Sunday in Relief Society during the good news minute, one of the sisters mentioned that she finally finished all of her mending that had been sitting around the house. There was a groan from the other sisters and then comments like,"Oh good for you," in a very mocking tone. And,"I wish I could be as on top of things as you." I'm sure people didn't mean to be rude but the smile that was on the sister's face quickly vanished and she said, "It really wasn't that big of a deal I guess." Why do we make people feel like that? We should have congratulated her and complimented her on a good job. It's just interesting to me.