Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coach Edwards

Tonight I was in the same room as LaVell Edwards. I was just feet away from him. Seriously! He is one of the most adored people here in Utah County. I've always been a fan, considering that fact that I love BYU football, but tonight I was in awe of the man. My dad's organization, Sutherland Institute, gave Coach Edwards and his wife an award for all of their service in the community. It was a touching tribute, not very many dry eyes by the end of the evening. After it was over, I wanted someone to come with me to talk to him (what am I 10?) and my brothers agreed but then lost me in the crowd of people. By the time I caught up with them Coach Edwards was leaving and I couldn't catch him. Dang it! Hands that I did shake - Elder Ballard and a few of the Osmonds, also in attendance this evening. Not too shabby.

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