Sunday, May 24, 2009


I hate to shop. For clothes. For me. I love the idea of it, and I really do love clothes, but when it comes down to actually getting it done, I'm hopeless. And clueless. I have to go out this week and buy some new summer clothes and the whole idea is stressing me out. Where do I go? What do I get? If you've seen me on a regular basis, you know that I love black clothes. That's all I have. I love that I don't have to think about getting dressed. I put on a black top and some jewelry and I'm on my way. However, for the summer I would love to add some color. I'm just not sure how to do that. Seriously. I think jewel tones are best for me considering that I have fair skin and dark, well black, hair at the moment but I know that I'm going to walk into a store with good intentions and then just give up and buy something black. So, help! Where do you shop? What do you love for summer this year? Most importantly, where are the deals? Your help with my fashion cluelessness is much appreciated!


alana said...

Oh please, please, please choose me to come shopping with you - only my FAVORITE thing in the world to do...
Kohls (do you have a Kohls?) has cute short sleeve v-neck shirts in solids. I like layering mine with long tanks underneath.
Also Old Navy has some cute long shorts ..I got some tan linen ones last week. Pair them up with a melon colored solid top and some jewelry and you are golden!!
I could go on and on with this ..
oh wait - one more .. long white shorts with a green shirt... ahhh... there's a splash of color for ya!

alana said...

Okay .. really - just one more. Ross has some cute things .. there's your deal store.
Target for cute dresses .. Rue 21 has cute long skirts right now - I wear those with a tshirt and flip flops for casual outings.

I'll stop. I think.

Natalie said...

I love how its my sister who has commented on your post...twice. :D Only Alana!!!

Kohls is awesome for some cute, good deals. I also hit up Target and Ross. Ross is super cheap and has a lot of colors to choose from. I also LOVE - They have color and simple, elegant options. They are starting to sell shorts and skirts now which is so exciting to me.

I too used to wear black ALL the time. Thats all I had. Then I got married and my husband told me my wardrobe was boring. So it wouldn't hurt to ask your man what color he'd like to see on you. :D

And most important, have FUN. You'll look amazing in whatever you get, just enjoy yourself while you're shopping because then you'll enjoy the clothes you buy.

Good luck!! :D

Kelley said...

yes I was going to say Old navy has some cute shorts for like 15 bucks and also look at Target. I would try to get some either very casual shorts or those cotton capries that have like draw strings at the bottom and pockets everywhere because they are light weight (great for summer) and that style of pants seem to be lasting a really long time. forever21 has basic tees for $5 too! then just go to old navy and get a couple pairs of flip flops in different colors (2 for $5) and you're set!