Monday, April 13, 2009


This year for Easter our family split up into two groups. Funny, I know, but we all had different things we wanted to do. Mark, Ethan and Liv went down to Cedar City to go fishing and hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Williams. The baby and I spent Sunday afternoon at my folk's house. Before the kids left I gave Ethan the camera and told him to take lots of pictures for me, knowing that Mark would totally forget. Ethan did a great job! On Saturday, Grandma Janie took the kids to Zions Park and they loved it. Sunday was spent going through their baskets, going to church (Liv was in love with her dress!), and going on an egg hunt. From all of the stories I've heard it sounds like they had a great weekend! And I appreciated the break. I watched movies, shopped, baked, showered attention on my sweet was very relaxing. Sunday I went to church with my family and then ate an Easter feast. I took carrot cake cupcakes as dessert. They were so delicious! Thanks for the recipe Amy!

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Amy said...

yeah for the carrot cake!!! I love those pictures!