Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Shopping Cart

Alright, I am back to blogging. It's so nice to have the internet again. I can't believe how difficult it is to function in life without it these days.

I must admit that last Thursday I was on the verge of having an anxiety attack. Let me paint the picture for you so that you better understand. Me and three kids. Grocery store. Baby in her car seat up in the front of the shopping cart. My cart half full of groceries. Ethan and Liv are playing around and jump on the side of the shopping cart at the same time. The entire cart tips over falling on top of the kids and throwing the car seat up in the air. I look down and see the car seat upside down with Izzy trapped underneath. I can't even explain all of the emotions that I felt. I was surprised that I didn't burst into tears on the spot. I quickly picked up the car seat, flipped it over and pulled the baby out. She is screaming, Liv is still under the cart screaming and Ethan is crying while trying to pull Liv up. Thankfully, one of the dozen people standing there watching this crazy scene comes over to help me. She was the nicest little lady and I completely appreciated her kindness. I left the cart in the middle of the store and left. The kids and I went out to our van and sat while I tried to calm the baby down. I couldn't tell if she was hurt so I started moving her arms and legs around to make sure nothing was broken and looking for bruises as well. I thought about going to the emergency room just in case but Izzy calmed down and didn't seem to be in pain. She had a red bump on her forehead (you can kind of see that in the picture) but it didn't seem serious. Later that night Mark discovered that she would cry whenever we touched her right foot. I took her over to the Urgent Care and had the doctor look at it but she didn't seem to think it was serious. That whole ordeal was one of the worst experiences for me. I wasn't able to sleep that night, just relived the whole thing over and over. I kept telling Mark that I was having chest pains from the anxiety of it all. It really bothered me. So what did I learn? I am not taking all three kids to the store anymore for a very long time. And, leave the car seat handle up (I had just put it down two seconds before) because Izzy's fall might not have been so traumatic if it had been up. Mark was teasing me about the bizarre things that have happened to me and the kids recently - being on a plane with a newborn and two kids throwing up (remember that post?) and the falling shopping cart. Thankfully those things don't happen too often or I would be one frazzled lady.


The Brown Family said...

Oh my heck! I would have lost it! It's kinda funny to imagine in your head and, I admit, it made me laugh...but in the moment I would have been a mess! Sounds like you did well in the moment. The grocery stores here have a play area you can drop your kids off at while you shop. I know UT has a ton more kids, but they could put a limit of kids per family and an age limit on it and I think it would be a hit out there....would have saved you ;o) Give Iz a kiss on her poor little head for me!

Aubs said...

I am SO sorry! I've been there before. I've done it twice now with the shopping cart. Shopping with kids is so hard. It helps if I put Cade in my baby Bjorn it is much easier to shop. We'd love to get together now that we are close again. Where is the musume of natural history that you go to? That would be a fun thing to do together or you can come to our house. Kenz has morning kindergarten so afternoons would be good for me. Email me... or I think I still have your email if it hasn't changed in the last year. Looking forward to getting together.

nalder said...

I just now read this post and I can;t believe the whole cart fell over! I had a "similar" experience. We were returning something at walmart and jonah was freaking out so I set him in the main cart and I was talking to the lady and had one had on him. Little did I know he was leaning over and he fell out and i kind of slowed down the fall with my leg. I wanted to cry. Everyone was giving me dirty looks and the lady kept yelling at me, saying he hit his head! I just walked away. At least you had a nice lady!! I hope she's okay!! at least she was strapped in right!