Monday, March 30, 2009

His & Hers


1. Sitting in front of the TV, what's on the screen? We currently don't have TV but in the past it's been like Simpsons, Discovery Channel, Seinfeld, Daily Show, Boxing, LOST, The Office...

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? Italian

3. What's one food he doesn't like? Peas. Won't eat them at all.

4. You go out to a restaurant, what does he get to drink? Always water. Always. And then he'll steal whatever drink I get.

5. Where did he go to high school? Parowan High School

6. What is one phrase he says all the time? "I'm tired" Poor fella gets up way too early for work.

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be? Motorcycles or most anything to do with music and books

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich? I guess like an Italian sub

9. What would he eat everyday if he could? Ribs. The man is addicted!

10. What is his favorite cereal? Raisin Bran Crunch or Blueberry Morning

11. What would he never wear? Skinny jeans. Makes me laugh just thinking about that image! ha ha!

12. What is his favorite sports team? Chicago Cubs

13. Who will he vote for? Depends I guess

14. Who is his best friend? Besides me? ;) He has two really good friends - Matt & Myles

15. How many states has he lived in? A few. Utah, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois and Texas

16. Does he have any nervous habits? Not really. He's not a nervous kind of guy. Closest thing would be pacing while he's on the phone.

17. What could he spend hours doing? Reading is number one and then listening to music would be a close second.

18. He is: Generous, Outgoing, Easy to relate to, Empathetic. A wonderful, loving husband and father.


1. Sitting in front of the TV, what's on the screen? Like I said, no TV but in the past it's been Oprah, Who wants to be a millionaire, Anything on Food Network, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, LOST...

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing do you get on your salad? Ranch

3. What's one food you don't like? To be totally honest, I will eat just about anything. I'm not too picky.

4. You go out to a restaurant, what do you get to drink? Some kind of Lemonade

5. Where did you go to high school? I didn't go to high school

6. What is one phrase you say all the time? Maybe the word "Seriously"

7. If you were to collect anything, what would it be? Um, scrapbook stuff & baking two main hobbies.

8. What is your favorite type of sandwich? I'm not a huge fan of sandwiches but I love Pat's Cheesesteaks in Denver. So good!

9. What would you eat everyday if you could? Danish or any kind of baked goodies

10. What is your favorite cereal? Frosted Flakes & Frosted Mini Wheats

11. What would you never wear? Really bright colors. They bug me. Lime green, orange...great on other people, just not me.

12. What do you always wear? My old black sweats or my express jeans

13. Who did you vote for? I didn't vote. I wasn't registered here.

14. Who is your best friend? Mark

15. How many states have you lived in? All the same places as Mark except I was raised in Virginia

16. Do you have any nervous habits? Chew on my nails (horrible, I know!)

17. What could you spend hours doing? Scrapbooking, baking, hangin out on the internet ;)

18. You are: Full of good intentions

I tag Chalise, Amy W. & Laura

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Melanie Nelson said...

those cupcakes look so good! There is a Sprinkles here and I always get the red velvet cupcakes! Glad your family is doing well. Wish we could hangout again this summer