Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Tired

The other day I saw a picture of a little kid asleep in an unusual spot and started to remember all of the times that happened to my children. I love when it happens! I have to keep my laughing down so that I don't wake them. Here are a few pictures of those occasions.

Ethan was two and throwing a fit (he missed his nap that day) and this is what I found when I realized that his crying had stopped. I couldn't believe he was out in such an odd position. Gotta love it!

I guess Liv tired herself out while making a huge mess in her room. That's a big job for a little girl. ;)

I left Izzy in her seat downstairs with the other kids while I ran upstairs to grab the ringing phone. I could hear her fussing while I was talking but then it suddenly became quiet. My sweet, tired baby!


Kelley said...

LOL! This is soo funny! It's definitely hereditary!

Ammon and Chalise said...

Oh how sweet! I think it is so cute when they fall asleep in unusual places. I use to babysit a little boy who would just fall asleep at the table if he didn't like what you were serving.

ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

Oh, I love these!

We missed you at lunch today!!