Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday's List

#1 - Having money for the unexpected. This one is tricky because I hate dealing with money, stresses me out, but there have been a few things that we've had to pay for lately that I didn't count on and we've been blessed to have everything work out just fine.
#2 - Going out with friends
#3 - Watching Ethan enjoy his tumbling class
#4 - Mark's love and friendship
#5 - My baby who sleeps in her own bed and for 9 hours straight. Gotta love that!


nalder said...

Tumbling class? Is that like gymnastics? Your so lucky to have a baby that sleeps in her on bed! Lately Jonah has been getting into bed with us at midnight every night. UGH!

The Brown Family said...

She sleeps for 9 hours?!!
Beck just barely started giving me 10, and he's 15 months old!!
What a good baby you have. I need to see new pictures of her...please!

The Brown Family said...

Oh, and I'm very impressed that the nine hours is in her own bed...good job!