Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last List

#1 - Went on a date with Mark for the first time in a few months
#2 - Laughing
#3 - Watching my kids dance
#4 - Warm soup
#5 - Having a better outlook partly because of doing this list

I must admit that this week was much smoother for me and I'm going to attribute part of the reason for that to this list. I have been more relaxed and focused on what I really should be enjoying in life. I will continue this on my own but it was also fun to put it out there for a week.


Kelley said...

hey! I love your lists. I was thinking, do you want to get together Monday? does that work for you and if so what time?

ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

Hey--what a fun idea! I love the lists. We loved the Draper temple too--the kids were very impressed with the chandelier. I love soup too. Makes dealing with this horrid winter weather a teeny bit better. I need to do this list thing. :)