Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mexico '08

Mark and John

Jeremy, Rob & Mark

Left to Right - Me, Melanie, Rob, Jeremy & John

Mark snorkeling in Acapulco

Arriving in Acapulco

We're back! We arrived home yesterday from our 8 day cruise down to Mexico. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing, just what we needed. I have to admit though that we are really lame cause we only took a handful of pictures the entire vacation. The friends that we were with took a few more and have promised to share (yes, Melanie, that's you!)so I will post those when I get those from them. Oh, I guess I should mention the cities that we visited - Acapulco, Manzanillo and Ixtapa. They were all very beautiful cities! The beaches in Ixtapa and Manzanillo were especially beautiful. Acapulco was very cool too but it's a huge city. Two million people live there and their number one industry is tourism. The highlight of Acapulco for me was the Cliff Divers. I have a few little videos of them diving but they are filmed at a weird angle so as soon as I get that figured out I will post them. It was incredible! Anyways, we had a great vacation! It's nice to be home now too.

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Melanie said...

Hey! Glad you guys had fun...