Monday, December 08, 2008

Forgotten Pictures

I have had these pictures on my phone since the summer and forgot that they were there till now so I thought I would share a few. Sorry to gross you out with the pictures of the hives. That was such a miserable experience! Seven months pregnant and covered in hives - not a pretty picture. They were only this bad for about a month and then they kind of faded a bit and totally disappeared after Izzy was born.

Three days before Izzy was born

Yes, they were even on my face

My arm

My knee


nalder said...

Sounds awful! It's times like those you appreciate just being big, uncomfertable, with swollen feet while pregnant, not all that plus hives!

Dexter's Girl said...

Okay, Em. First of all, those hives are really disgusting, but the most horrible part is that it must have been just crazy annoying to have the discomfort of preg. plus hives. Good thing you got such a cute baby out of it. :)

I'm trying to find your address, but I don't have your new one... could you humor me? cougarcrazy03 at gmail. :)

The Clarks said...

holly cow! They look a lit worse in the pics than they did in person!

Ammon and Chalise said...

Ouch those look painful. Your belly looked cute though.