Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas was so fun! We were down in Cedar City with Mark's family for Christmas this year for the first time since Ethan was little. We were able to stay at Mark's brother's house (they were out of town, thanks again David and Lis!) and enjoyed our own family time together going through our stockings. Once we were dressed and ready to go, we went over to his parent's house and had delicious cinnamon rolls and opened our presents. The kids had a blast! Ethan and Liv sat next to each other the whole time and helped each other open all their presents. Izzy sat on Aaron's lap (Mark's youngest brother) and chewed on a bow the entire time. When you're four months old bows are better than real presents anyway! It was such a great time! We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as well.

Oh, one more thing. Ethan lost both top front teeth right before Christmas. He was so excited but said that if one more person asked if all he "wanted for Christmas were his two front teeth" he was going to be really mad. Ha Ha! And he stuck to that! After a while of people asking him that, he wouldn't even answer them. Oh poor Ethan. Ha Ha!


Melanie Nelson said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!! Your kids are so cute...tell them we say hi!

Ammon and Chalise said...

Looks like fun
Sorry we missed you. I saw that Mark called on our cell but we couldn't make calls on our cell because it was broken. Now that I think about it, we probably could have e-mailed you and it would have gone to your cell. Dang. We were hoping to come up during this break but the bedget is too tight after Christmas. Hopefully gas will stay low for a while so we can come up soon.
Take care

The Brown Family said...

That's really funny about Ethan...totally his personality!
Iz is getting so big!
And I love your shirt ;o)
Looks like a fun holiday!