Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One of our biggest events this Summer actually took place in Virginia, where I grew up. My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June and requested that all their family come out and celebrate with them. Unfortunately, Mark wasn't able to take time off to go with us but the kids and I were able to fly out there for a week. We had a blast! Most of my relatives had never met my kids and it had been almost 10 years that since I had last seen some of them as well. My grandparents live on a lake so we spent quite a bit of time on the "beach." The kids love my brothers and pulled them out into the water with them as much as they could. During one of the parties that my grandparents had (there were two) we took some family pictures which consisted of my family, all the grandkids and all the cousins. Also, before we left Virginia, my parents thought it would be fun to take everyone to Kings Dominion, an amusement park. When we lived in Virginia we loved going to there, we had season passes. Anyway, it was so much fun to go again and take my kids there - never thought I would have had the opportunity to do that! Thanks Mom and Dad! It was a blast!

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The Brown Family said...

I pulled up this post to show Tess and she got so excited to see Ethan and Liv. She calls them her favorite friends, haha.
Glad you guys are settled.
So do these posts mean that you have a new computer?