Monday, September 08, 2008

Let's start at the very beginning...

Howdy! We made it to Dallas ( we are actually just south of Fort Worth) in one piece and we love it down here! Mark's cousins are in the area and we have been spending as much time with them as we can. They are awesome! In fact, I am using his cousin Ian's computer to post this blog. Thanks Ian and Amy! We were able to load my pictures from our Summer in Indiana onto their computer so the next few blogs will be covering a few events from beginning to end that I wasn't able to post in Indiana. One of our first visits to Chicago was when I took the kids to the Lincoln Park Zoo with some of the other wives in the office. It's a small zoo but it's free so we loved it! The kids almost had more fun climbing on the statues of the animals than actually looking at the living animals.


The Chong Ohana said...

Hey glad to see you guys made it. When are you going to take a gig in Virginia so we can hang out?

I noticed the Doxey family blog on your page. I served in the Aurora 1st ward for like four and a half months and remember the Doxeys.

Don't know if they'd remember me but I have a faint memory of having dinner with them and talking about Hawaiian music with the son.

Anyway, small world. Again.

The Clarks said...

Fun times! I miss you Em! We really cannot wait until you guys get back! Ug why did you have to do extended! jk! It is so worth it!