Thursday, May 01, 2008


We are all settled into our new home now! Hooray! Our computer is still broken so I am borrowing a friend's internet to post this. I will try to put some pictures up once we get our own computer. Anyways, we are living in the city of Merrillville, IN. Even though we are in IN we are only 3o min from downtown Chicago. We drove down there the other day and Mark showed me a few of his old mission apartments and areas. It's going to be a lot of fun living so close to the city this summer. We really like our apartment as well. It's a brand new complex so everything is in top shape. We are really grateful for such a comfortable place to live. We are all very happy to finally be here!


Matt & Val said...

We would love to get together while you guys are here for the summer. I realize we are on opposite sides of downtown (us being in the nw burbs) but we are close enough that it would be a shame if we didn't get together. Maybe we could meet downtown sometime - Matthew's there everyday. Send me an email or something to let me know what your lives are like.


Amy said...

That is so good to hear! Hope you are feeling well!

The Brown Family said...

Glad you're set up and things are going well. Missed you while we were home. Glad we'll see in in a couple months!

Aubs said...

glad you are there safe & sound. Can't wait to see some pics. Good luck this summer. I hope it turns out to be an amazing summer for Mark.
We were so sorry not to be able to get together while you were in S.L. Kenz was especially sad. She says she misses Ethan & Olivia.