Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update from the Road

Well we haven't quite made it to Chicago yet but we are on our way. We are still in Denver visiting some friends but we are leaving this afternoon and hope to be at our new home by tomorrow evening. I am a little frustrated though because our laptop died a few days ago and until we can have someone check it out or we can buy a new one we won't be able to access the internet as much as we would like. Right now I am posting this from a library in Denver and I'll probably be using the library in Chicago for a while. We are all holding up well...the kids handle all the drving better than I do sometimes! We hope everyone is well and we will be in touch soon.

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thedoodlegirl said...

Oh wow! We just got back from a trip to Oregon, and it was LONG being on the road! I feel for ya! Your short hair is SO CUTE! I love it!! I hope you're feeling well and that you can get set up in Chicago soon. (This is Rebekah, btw :))